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Welcome to buildfibre.com – the free online service for planning and administration of your fibre to the home project. Buildfibre.com will help you to map out and register the interest of your fellow community members – and watch the outline of your local fibre network grow. Log in or sign up to get started.

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You have to activate the account for the interest application to use the service and also be visible to existing and upcoming projects.

You may watch for possibilities for fibre connection once you have activated your account.

Are you the fiber hero and want to start a project? Once you have activated your account you can start a project. We will then also contact you from Rala - who runs the service buildfibre.com - to help you get started an up to speed on your project.


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Watch how easy buildfibre.com can help to give your FTTH project a perfect start.

Where do you want fibre?

Pan and zoom the map until you can see the property/address you want to mark.

How to get started

Get started and sign up as a contact person for a personal account at buldfibre.com

You can also get started and help the community by showing that you are interested to get a fibre connection.

Once you've registered as project manager and fibre hero, one of our experts will contact you and help you to set up a project.

Or we will help you connect to an existing or coming project in your area.

Now you can start planning your future ultra high speed FTTH network. Add interested neighbors and map properties.

Once ready to continue, your Rala expert will help with estimations and design and other information to be able to make the network come true.

What is buildfibre.com?

Buildfibre.com is a service created and powered by Rala. The purpose is to aid fibre heroes and others to take part of and manage project to build fibre networks for ultra high speed broadband.

Rala co-operates with operators and network owners to make sure your connection really will give access to the services you want.

Rala also participates in standardisation bodies as well as industry organizations working towards the same goal as Rala does - to ensure that citizens have access to the future of communication technology.

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