Easy to build fibre

It should be easy for everyone to build fibre. Then more people can get more communication with the most modern technology. It will also be future proof and high quality.

As it should be!

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Terms for Buildfibre

Terms and Conditions governing the relationship between Rala AB, corporate identity number 556446-2322, Box 140.596 23 Skänninge, or Rala AB appoints in his stead (hereinafter Rala AB), and individuals who want to use the service.

He who created an account on the website referred to below as User. By creating a User account certifies the user that he is an individual. The user shall at all times ensure that the specified contact information is updated and accurate. Registration of a User account is free.

The creation of a User account is personal and equated with an interest registration to participate in a project and / or a desire to be the contact person for such.

Expressions of interest can be revoked by the User. Withdrawal of the interest registration and termination of User account can be done by sending an e-mail message from the email address registered for the user account to info@rala.se or by calling Rala AB on telephone number 0142-83880.

These Terms of use concerns the use of services Rala AB provides on the site.

The Service mainly consist of providing a tool to enable the operation of a Project for the development of fiber networks for telecommunications.

In a Project information about the conditions and the interest to connect buildings to the fiber network will be collected. The project participants are offered for implementation of the project to purchase services and materials from Rala AB.

Rala AB may revise, add or remove functions or alternatively let the The Service stop altogether. Rala AB has no obligation to in advance or otherwise notify the User of any changes.

By registering a User Account the User undertakes, or the User through the agency of using the Service, to following the terms of use of by the Rala AB offered service.

Rala AB reserves the right to change the Terms. The change is announced either by notification to existing users or in connection with the login by the User. Changed Terms are approved by the User logging in to The Service after the change.


Permitted use of the service

When utilizing the service it is not permitted for the User:

  • to use it for other purposes than intended

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  • to committing crimes or otherwise act in conflict with the law

  • to with the help of the tool and the knowledge obtained from the use of this develop competing software or tools, or to copy all or part of the Service or its contents.

In the event that User uses the Service in violation of the Terms of Service Rala AB reserves the right to take reasonable and necessary steps towards the User, for example, to stop the user's use of the Service.

Rala AB's right to act against unauthorized use is not restricted to certain time other than as required by law.


The information

All information provided through the Service belongs Rala AB. Rala AB makes no warranty that the information is complete, correct or up to date. The service, information may be changed or removed without special notice.

Information that the user adds the Service belongs to Rala AB. Rala AB has an unlimited right to use such information, including to provide information to third parties with the right to use it. The right's for Rala AB to use the information provided by the User is independent of wether the User ceases or is stopped using the Service. All information use is made in accordance with the service's purpose.

Any use of the Service is at the User's own risk. Rala AB is not responsible under any circumstances for any direct or indirect damage, cost, loss or liability which may arise as a consequence by the inability to use or downtime of the Service. Rala AB makes no guarantees for the service's operation, maintenance or availability.

All of the actions taken by Rala AB based on information completely or partly provided by the User are assumed to be accurate and updated. Rala AB is not responsible for any errors or changes to the given information caused by the information provided by one or more users of the service which is not accurate or updated.

Should any part of these Terms of Use to be invalid or not enforceable, then it will not affect the interpretation or application of the rest of the Terms. In the event that parts of the Terms do not comply with mandatory law then applicable law apply in the matter, other parts of the Terms will continue to apply.

Interpretation and application of the Service and the Terms shall be in accordance with Swedish law. Disputes arising from the Service and / or the Terms shall be dealt with by a Swedish court.


Google Maps terms and conditions

To the extent that Google Maps services are used, the User is subject to the terms and conditions for Google Maps for this service. You can read these terms and conditions by following this link Google Maps/Earth Additional Terms of Service.


Terms of Use 11015009 v1.0

Data Protection Act consent for Buildfibre

By registering as a user on the site, you agree to Rala AB, corporate identity number 556446-2322, Box 140, 596 23 Skänninge, process and store personal data.

A personal record is any information which is directly or indirectly attributable to a natural person who is alive, such as name, address, telephone number, email address and / or property designation.

Rala AB is the data controller of the personal information you provide when using the the Service. The purpose of Rala AB's collection and processing of personal data is to create a basis for the development and connection of properties to the fiber network. The type of personal information Rala AB intends to collect and process are mainly information about the name, address, email address, phone number, cadastral reference.

It is optional to provide personal information to Rala AB in the Service. The personal data in a whole will only be processed by Rala AB. Parts of the provided personal information may be disclosed to authorities, municipalities and / or companies in order to create a basis for the development and connection of properties to the fiber network.

As user you are entitled to free of charge once a year receive information from Rala AB about the personal data processed about you. Rala AB is obliged, at your request, to correct inaccurate data.

Rala AB

Gjuterigatan 5
582 73 Linköping
Tel: 0142-83 880



If you are a project manager then you are also responsible for ensuring that there is Data Protection Act consent towards your team members.

About cookies in Buildfibre

A cookie is a small text file which the website you visit saves on your computer. Cookies are used on many websites to give visitors access to various functions. The information in the cookie can be used to monitor a user's surfing.

Buildfibre.com uses cookies. They do not contain any information that can be linked to you as a person, but is used to get a working website and to store general statistics and for certain features to work better. If you want, you can turn off cookies in your browser.


You can disable cookies

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Remember that if you turn off cookies, certain services and / or pages can completely or partially stop working!

What is Buildfibre.com?

Byggafiber.se is a service that makes it easier for those who are the project manager for the fiber project to build fiber networks. At the same time, there are opportunities for those who want to have a fiber connection to notify their interest to be able to be included in projects.

By combining the interest for building fiber all the way to our homes, businesses and public institutions with Ralas long experience, project managers can in an easy and fast way get the support with important parts of their fiber project.

Rala has also gathered some tips and advice for those involved in the fiber project. Frequently asked questions and a lot of information that may be important, good or interesting. The infrastructure that the fiber constitute shall be in operation for a long time. For it to work requires that both the technology is of sufficient quality and fiber projects run according to the accumulated knowledge. It leads further for all parties involved. And those who are connected have the benefit of their connection without problems for a long time.

Buildfibre.com is a service for professionals and for ordinary fiber builders, quite simply!



With Buildfibre you can

  • Register for fiber projects in your area

  • Simply set out who wants to have fiber and for which network this should be planned

  • Collect important information about who have been contacted and their interest for a connection

  • Help to keep in contact with everyone who is part of the fiber project

  • Get fast assistance with fiber design and cost estimation from Rala


A whole solution - from table to the ground and back

Building infrastructure can be difficult to grasp. Rala has integrated buildfibre.com with professional support systems and its market-leading technical systems. If you choose to also use these technical systems, you get a reliable functionality and trouble-free installation.

The technical system consists of ducts, fiber cable and several other building blocks needed for it to work. Everything meets the Swedish and international standard, is used by many municipal networks as well as Skanova and other national stakeholders. It ensures that what you build also keeps the quality that is required.

This is also a technical solution professional contractors know and use in their everyday lives. Rala works with many contractors throughout Sweden who know the technology and the work is therefore of good quality.

If you prefer to use a contractor who does not know the technology we will book an appointment and come out and inform about all that is needed. Preferably in conjunction with the preparations for the contract.

It is all about the fiber. How to do it?

You are absolutely on the right track when you want to lay fiber for broadband to the local initiatives or community association. Mobile broadband is still enough part of the way, but the need for bandwidth is increasing exponentially and fiber network will soon be the standard solution for both television and telephony.


Why fiber?

  • The economic argument

    It involves an initial cost, then you save money. With fiber, you get an open network which allows you to choose among providers of services. It is an excellent starting point for good prices

  • The future argument

    If you install a fiber network today, you will only utilize a small fraction of its capacity. In time with technological development, the need for bandwidth will increase enormously. Soon fiber will be the standard solution

  • The main argument

    There is no solution that is nearly as good. With fiber, you get safer connectivity, higher speed and better quality than all other options

Everyone is not convinced so easily. Here are some strong arguments for fiber network!


Let Rala guide you

So where to start? What does it cost? What can you do yourself? Who should you turn to? We admit that it can feel like a jungle. But we will help you.

Rala knows the terrain by heart. We have been here many times and have the skills and tools to lead you quickly, easily and at a reasonable cost. And that is exactly how we want you to see us. As an experienced guide who is with you all the way and aims to tailor a solution to suit you.

Rala fibre company of the year 2012 small

The first step to getting fiber

If you as most others are interested in getting fiber you simply go to Buildfibre.com and make an interest registration. Mark where you live and enter your contact information, how you want to be contacted and give PUL-consent, easy and free.

To consider

  • Your interest registration is linked to the email address you entered and you can only make one entry per email address

  • When you make an interest registration you also give consent to Rala to process personal information about you to facilitate fiber connection and create a basis for fiber expansion

  • You decide what is visible for fiber projects in your area and how they can contact you

  • Obviously, you can at any time log in and change your interest. Note the changes you make will not affect projects which you have already joined

  • Changing the details of an ongoing project in which you are involved in can be done by contacting the project owner for the project


Always at hand

Each project is supported by an experienced project manager and a network designer from Rala. We are there if any questions arise and to discuss possible solutions. Or assist with information about the grant application. In addition there is information that facilitates buildfibre.com. It is filled gradually as new questions get their solutions and answers.

We happily plan to visit you to show the technology used and how it works in practice. Maybe even in the beginning when you have a meeting with everyone who shows interest. What is fiber? Who can join the network and make sure that there are services? How do we choose contractor?

Our advisors and designers have worked on many projects - both local initiatives and small and large contractors for fiber - and are well accustomed to related matters. This means that you always have a reliable partner for discussion at hand. These people can also guide you in buildfibre.com so that the network will be as good as possible and they will also help with discussions about the contract.


Something about preparations

Successful fiber projects are usually well prepared. In many respects Buildfibre.com facilitates to get these preparations in place. However, some preparations are good to do before or very early even when Buildfibre.com is used.

  • If there are more connections than the properties that are populated when the project starts? Is there reason to take into account any subdivision or any other possible developments

  • Are there other than real estate with companies and households eligible for fiber connection? Some things to consider may be the bus shelters, base stations of different operators' mobile networks or information boards. What may be considered depends on what area your fiber project is located in

  • How should the connection to the outside world be arranged? Not least when the fiber network is designed, it will be important to know where or in which direction the fibers should be collected

  • Although you should focus on Your needs and wishes there is reason to consider the broader region. Perhaps it is reasonable to have the extra capacity to supply other areas or prepare for connection of properties where it currently does not live anyone interested


Communication with contractors

Perhaps you have your own resources to place duct and do other parts of the work. Or you hire an experienced entrepreneur. When the later will install fiber and the project is close to being finished you can hire a knowledgeable and experienced contractor to ensure that the fiber is welded and connected. Rala can guide you through the whole process. With buildfibre.com and Ralas map data the discussions are simplified. All the way out in the field where your expectations are met.

Many professional contractors know Ralas technical solutions and have been working with Rala earlier. That way you can feel confident that the end result will be good. There is a lot of effort and an important infrastructure. Rala want to make it easier for you to make it work all the way without problems.



There is much to think about for a fiber hero. Therefore, we have also developed a template for Data Protection Act consent

Use the checklist Step by step during the project and you willhave full control from start to finish


Support for local initiatives and entrepreneurs

Buildfibre.com makes it easier for fiber enthusiasts to plan and keep track of their fiber project. All it takes is a little knowledge of the geography and the neighbours. Then the project is on its way. Properties are marked and then the amount of fiber each property should have is quickly given. You can also keep a good track of interest and communicate with participants in the project.

dig network

With simple means and Ralas support, the process from idea to construction becomes easier. Therefore, we include buildfibre.com as part of our offering for feasibility study and project support to those who are the fiber enthusiasts. This makes it both cost-effective and better.

With a good foundation that comes directly from Buildfibre.com Rala can quickly produce a complete and optimized design and make a good estimate of what your particular project will cost and how it will look.


Easier for contractors who work with fiber expansion!

Buildfibre.com and Ralas technical solutions have been used in many projects. They are designed for deployment of fiber. This makes it easier for you as an entrepreneur.

Rala can also assist you if you have a customer who wants to build fiber networks in rural areas - or in the city. Please contact us and we will tell you more.

Different real estates

In order to design a fiber network the area needs to be mapped. Real estate and other possible connections will be categorized and it will be be indicated how many fibers that go into each one.


A residential property is home to a family. For this, a connection is dimensioned. By default two fibers one of which is used. For each house you can make notes that are important to take with them further in the project. It is possible to note one contact per house to easily keep in touch with the owner, for example.

Rental Property

A rental property is a property with multiple residences. For this, a connection is dimensioned with standard 1 fiber per dwelling plus two additional fiber. When a rental property is marked, it is also important to adjust the number of connections for the property. It is possible to note one contact per rental property to easily keep in touch with the owner, for example.

install fibre


A business property houses a business. This property is dimensioned with a standard of four fibers. If the business property, for example, is a business hotel or a large property where it could be housed several businesses, it may be useful to increase the number of connections that the network is dimensioned for. It is possible to note a contact person per company property to easily keep in touch with the owner, for example.

Public real estates

A property for public activities can be municipal offices, school or any other authority. This property is dimensioned with the standard of eight fiber. It is possible to note a contact per public property to easily keep in touch with the owner, for example.


Routes are the reaches where it fiber network will be dug. It could be digging of drains, milling or building of pole lines. This is often a large percentage of a project's total cost, and it greatly affects how the network is designed. With routes as the starting point possible agreements are also made for rights of way or easement with the owner of the real estates where the route passes. They are therefore an important and substantial part of the work on the project.

There must be a routes passing each property. As the project progresses, they can be adjusted and supplemented. Typically, in the beginning it may be sufficient to pass each property by at least one route while the services may come later. If it is known where it is appropriate to enter into a property you can place a streak that marks how the service can be placed. It is also good to suggest itineraries for long services such as services to agricultural or commercial properties with large areas.

In the initial stages of the project, it is not essential, for example, if it is on the right or left side of the road. It is important to set out the way. In the later stage, it may be useful to make it more precise. The first opportunity will then be before when you should arrange with working documents. Before a project is finished routes will eventually be measured in order to document as accurately as needed.

Routes can also be used to indicate where there is existing infrastructure. Either ducts or fiber that can be used, or other infrastructure such as district heating or electric power which can be good to avoid or at least know where they are located.

NOTE! For existing infrastructure, it is important to request release from every owner of the infrastructure. Marking of such infrastructure in Buildfibre.com does not constitute legally sustainable information.


Different route types


Point Of Interest, a line marking the existing infrastructure, or something that is good to take into account when we are planning the network

Undeveloped land

A route that extends unto undeveloped land. This means when estimating of the cost that the cost is estimated in accordance with the costs of excavation and restoration in such conditions. Usually the routes with the lowest cost of installation

Grass or gravel

A route that extends into lawns or gravel surfaces. This means at the estimation of the cost that the cost is estimated in accordance with the costs of excavation and restoration in such conditions. These surfaces require the surface to be restored to its previous status. For instance, grass should be sown which means slightly higher costs than laying it in undeveloped land

Paved upper surface in outer areas

A route that extends unto surfaces of paved upper surface, such as asphalt or other coating. The route is located in the outer areas such as residential area or less central parts of a city or town. This means at the estimation of the cost that the cost is estimated in accordance with the costs of excavation and restoration in such conditions. These surfaces require the surface to be restored to its previous status. For example, the bitumen is put down, resulting in slightly higher costs than when laying in grass or gravel surface. In these routes the costs for permits and agreements with the owner as well as the rules for work areas are a large part of the cost

Paved upper surface in central parts

A route that extends unto surfaces of paved upper surface, such as asphalt, stone or other coating. The route is located in the central parts of a city or town. Often there is a lot of infrastructure to take into account. This means at the estimation of the cost that the cost is estimated in accordance with the costs of excavation and restoration in such conditions. These surfaces require the surface to be restored to its previous status. For instance, asphalt and paving is restored resulting in significantly higher costs than when installing in outlying areas. In these routes the costs for permits and agreements with the owner as well as the rules for work areas a very large part of the cost

A web browser is all that is needed

Everyone with a computer with the latest browser can use Buildfibre.com. In addition there needs to be for some form of connectivity. Can you surf the ordinary newspapers, then it will also be fine to use buildfibre.com.

A large screen can ease but an iPad or a tablet with Android works great.

When planning the project, you can be out of your neighbours or go by car to see if that base station is located where you think. Or, if the location where the cable will have its abutment was good. Involve neighbours and sit down together to plan. Work together. Or why not sit down in your favourite fauteuil?

The latest version of the following browsers on Windows and Mac works:

  • Safari

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Internet Explorer


Full control from start to finish

Use this setup as a checklist during the project so you have full control from start to finish.

Rala Steg för steg

1. Investigate interest

You and possibly several enthusiasts take the initiative, talking to the neighbours and examines interest. Take a first contact with us at Rala now to ask questions free of charge, bounce ideas and thoughts. We also happily talk about how similar projects have fallen out before.

2. Go through the prerequisites

The fiber network you want to build must be approved by the municipality, for example, and the County Board. It should also be connected to the outside world. Rala has good information on how it works technically and how it can be done in practice.

3. Make a financial calculation

Funding is crucial for the project. The more people, the better the economy, since more share the common infrastructure. In many cases, there are also state aid or other grants to receive. Go through what in the construction you can do yourselves and what you need professional assistance with. This is important to keep costs down and ensuring quality and function. Consult Rala for the best possible financing. Rala can also, based on map data, provide an estimate of costs for the expansion.

4. Organize the local initiative / community association

To drive through the project, you need to be registered as a legal entity, it can be for example a local initiative, a community or an association. Should an existing legal entity run the project or should a new one be created? Think through the area geographically. Are there any obstacles that make it difficult to draw the network to everyone? Are there nearby houses that could also be included? Then do the registration at the Tax agency.

5. Formalize an agreement with Rala

To clarify the relationship between the parties, you write as a legal person, an agreement with Rala. The local initiative or community may need some support, which Rala can assist with. It is good to come to an agreement at an early stage on how it should work.

6. Be sure to check connection rate

For you to be able to continue the project from here, requires a minimum connection rate. It varies but the more you get, the better it is. (Have you added the neighbours yet? See the box with argumentation tips.

7. Rala presents suggestions on design and connection process

Now we are on the way to a new fiber network. Based on Ralas proposals we discuss and finalize plans for the details so that you get a tailor-made solution.

8. Project start

Then we put the shovel in the ground. For those who want to save money, it is okay to dig the part which is located on your own garden yourself. Rala is happy to support the project with deliveries, technical support and project management.

9. The project completion and commissioning

Be sure to terminate the contract properly. Inspect the work done and document the new fiber network. Now it will also be coordinated with partners for outside setup and commissioning. Since it's full speed on the Internet.

To gather information

There is much to think about for a fiber hero. Here is a template for consent to the processing of personal data which you can use in your work.

Consent is a voluntary, clear expression of will by which the registered - after having received information - accept the processing of personal data about themselves. The consent need not be in writing but it can often be appropriate.

All kinds of information that directly or indirectly can be attributed to a an individual who is alive is counted under the Personal Data Act as personal data. Even images (photos) and sound recordings of the individuals that are stored in a computer can be personal data even if no name is mentioned. Encrypted data and various types of electronic identities, such as IP number, count as personal data if they can be linked to individuals.

Remember that it is you who is the project manager who are responsible for that consent to store personal data is available!

On the net there is good information

There is good information online for those who want to look further. We've gathered some great below.


Broadband map (sv)

Swedish PTS has put together a service about what kinds of networks there are available . The service will provide the opportunity to see the connectivity options for addresses in Sweden. It also includes wireless networks. Good to see whether, and if so, what could provide connectivity to the external environment. Read more at Bredbandskartan.


When it's time to dig Ledningskollen is good to use. The idea is to reduce for example cutting routes at contracts. In Ledningskollen you request cabling information / management instructions by drawing in where to dig and get immediate answers on who may have lines where you are about to dig. It is free to use Ledningskollen. Note that the service is under construction. The information is not complete for all parts of the country.. Read more at Ledningskollen.

Forest Agency's map service

Before starting the to dig one should check if there are nature worthy of protection to consider. Read more at Skogens pärlor.

Swedish Tax Agency's rules for local fiber associations

Until now, the tax issue for local fiber associations and local initiatives not been regulated. In spring 2012, this has been discussed in various locations of the country and now the Swedish Tax Agency presented their positions as to which compensation should be subject to VAT.
To have to pay VAT, the association must have a turnover, but membership fees and capital contributions from members of the association is not normally included in the turnover. Learn about the position taken in its entirety here.

Skanova's broadband web

Skanova have collected information about its offer to communities, broadband associations and local initiatives on their website. There are also instructions, service offerings and more. Read more at bredbandswebben.

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